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"Gargi is Amazing. She knows what she is doing. She has 17plus years of Experience in Teaching. She taught so many children and mentor them. After my daughter had started taking class with Gargi, math confidence was increased. After seeing that My Son also started taking classes with her. My both children learnt from her and today they are very successful in their career. I am proud that I chose Gargi as my children's tutor. Thanks Gargi for being their wonderful tutor.
Vibhuti Vora
Gargi Auntie is a wonderful teacher who takes her time to go over concepts no matter how complicated or difficult. She makes sure you grasp each step while solving a problem to ensure that you have a solid foundation. She’s also so kind and encouraging and loves making class fun! I learned a lot with Gargi Auntie and was able to get my grades up 10% in math and physics
I was awful at math when I first went to Gargi Aunty in 5th and 6th grade. I couldn’t understand basic algebra and I was placed in after-school tutoring programs. I didn’t even understand what “x” was in an equation. My parents sent me to numerous math tuition centers, but none provided the proper care and help I needed to understand and get ahead in the subject. That’s when I was introduced to Gargi Aunty. She has this amazing policy of getting ahead of the curriculum beforehand using YOUR school’s curriculum. Of course, she had to help me with the basics but soon I was grasping and understanding every concept throughout the summer. Going back to school, I was ahead of the class and was placed in the advanced math class the following year. She has an unlimited supply of worksheets and problem sets and makes sure you understand everything. I am incredibly grateful for all the work she has put in to make me a better student, and now I am attending UC Berkeley. I guess you can say Gargi Aunty knows what she is doing.
"Our experience with Gargi has been nothing short of stellar. My daughter started working with her in the 10th grade and continued with her through the 12th for Math and Physics. Gargi was very professional, knowledgeable and completely accessible throughout the high school journey. She made sure my daughter was always in control of her grades, which made the high school journey less stressful. Gargi was instrumental in everything from the course selection process at the high school to ultimately choosing which college board APs should our daughter take. We could not have asked for a better mentor! Thanks again for all your help !
maha's mom
My daughter first started going to Gargi as a rising eight grader.. While good in math,she needed some help to take herself to the next stage.Gargi became that mentor for her and brought a rigor to her math education that helped her ace all advanced math courses in high school.Now pursuing computer science at UCLA,math has become almost second nature to her and her confidence when it comes to math is incredible. Can’t thank Gargi enough for her contribution in my daughter’s math journey!!
Naisha's mom
We are so grateful and glad we came across Ms.Gargi . My daughter was struggling with Math which was not her favorite subject to begin with .As she transitioned to middle school , we had tried several math tutors, learning centers , and enrichment programs. We didn’t find them personalized and all pushed their curriculum, more homework, and basically was making it harder. As we got introduced to Gargi, I explained to her, what we were looking for to help my daughter. She got it right away, she assessed her Math level and knew where to start coaching. Her sessions were in small groups and personalized. She taught the concepts before it was covered at school. I saw my daughter enjoying her classes , there was no home work concept basically their school homework was completed , reviewed , corrected during classes. Then she added a few 1:1 sessions later her summer programs where she taught the entire upcoming curriculum once during summer and then repeated during the school years. We started seeing amazing results: her grades went up and she started taking interest in learning. Gargi is also very flexible in accommodating schedule changes. She took our feedback and always had parents check in once a month. Gargi is overall a very approachable person and our entire family is so grateful. I have referenced many families and proud CAL parents now. Her experience working in the Cupertino school district and now as tutor for many years, she definitely knows what she is doing and we trust her